Le Mans Classic 2022 – Grandstand Seats

Le Mans ClassicLe Mans Classic
30th June – 3rd July 2022

Although it is possible to view the racing from many different locations around the Le Mans Classic circuit with a “General Enclosure & Passock Pass” quite often this may be from a grass bank, through a large crowd, and always through a wire fence.

For a better and more comfortable view of the Le Mans Classic circuit we recommend the purchase of a grandstand (Tribune) for the duration of the weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

There are a number of grandstands located at different places around the Le Mans Classic circuit.

Many of the stands are concentrated around the start/finish straight. Others are located at chicanes or bends.

Grandstand prices for Le Mans Classic

The available grandstand seats below can only be added to any of our Le Mans Classic packages. (They cannot be purchased separately).
All grandstand tickets must be paid for at the time of booking.

Grandstand No. Grandstand Name Price Per Seat
  T34   Paddock   £60.00
  T16   Sommer   £75.00
  T19    Lagache   £75.00
  T20   Leonard   £75.00
  T21   Tavano   £75.00
  T15  Chinetti   £75.00
  T4   Panorama   £95.00
  T5   Dunlop   £95.00
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