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Le Mans 2022 – Motorhomes & Caravans

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Le Mans 24 HoursLe Mans 24 Hours
11th & 12th June 2022

 Motorhomes & Caravans

Taking a campervan or motorhome to Le Mans, or towing your own caravan to Le Mans, can offer a little more luxury and a feel of home to the campsites at Le Mans.

If you have your own vehicle and wish to take this then we can help. There are certain areas on the circuit designed for motorhomes and other areas that provide some electrical hook-ups that may be of use. To give you an accurate quote we will need to know the overall length and height of your vehicle or caravan (including the towbar). Most of the camping areas have pitch size restrictions so you may need more than one camping pass for your chosen area. Please call us directly on 01707 329988 to discuss your requirements.

If you are looking to hire a vehicle to take to Le Mans, then we can also help. We work alongside a number of suppliers to provide the best vehicles for you. Which ever option you choose, please contact the supplier first to check availability and price. Please mention that you are booking your tickets through Travel Destinations.
JC Motorhomes supply large American Motorhomes & RVs that can be delivered to Le Mans.  They can be in place ready for your arrival at the circuit. Further details on the type of vehicles available are available below.
Campervantastic are the UKs largest VW campervan hire and rental specialists. Ideal for couples & small groups, these campervans are available for our self drive packages (vehicle supplements will apply)
Hireahymer gives you the opportunity to rent a classic motorhome to drive to Le Mans. These motorhomes are full of character and can be used with our self drive packages (vehicle supplements will apply)

Once you have confirmed your vehicle booking, please call us on 01707 329988. We can then arrange for the appropriate travel and ticket booking for you.

Don’t forget that our Flexotel Village also gives you a proper bed in the centre of the circuit and is a great alternative to camping.

Examples of vehicles available to rent include:

Call our experts to book 01707 329988