Le Mans Aide 09

An open letter to all Le Mans fans from Dr. Howard Brownlow:

Dear Le Mans fans,

Over an ale or 3 I have managed to convince 9 of my medical colleagues and 4 local businessmen to attempt to cycle 210 miles on a route between Cherbourg and Le Mans from the 10th June in aid of 2 local charities; Julia’s House, a hospice for children with life threatening diseases, and Lewis-Manning Hospice that cares for over 600 adults every year with terminal illness.

Although I am a keen cyclist, none of my merry band of men have done cycling before. Training has begun in ernest. Vindaloo and bitter have been swapped for All-Bran and electrolyte drinks. Lycra has been tested to the limit, as have our derrieres (thank heavens for vaseline!).

We will be cycling in 2 groups of 7. If you see us flying along / flagging in our blue and yellow shirts, please give us a honk and a cheer!

If you can please support our efforts by donating to our website:

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Howard Brownlow
(Consultant Anaesthetist Poole)

Dr. Brownlow is travelling on the Poole – Cherbourg ferry and then cycling to Le Mans to stay in the Beausejour campsite. If you do see them on the ferry, by the roadside or around the circuit do say hello and lend your support. Please do give generously as every penny will go directly to those charities.