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In 2008 the Le Mans 24 hours headlines will probably focus on the battle between the Germans (Audi) and the French (Peugeot). But there will also be a strong British presence in all of the race classes:

Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1): This is the top category of entrants in the race, and in recent years the winner has come from this group in the form of the Audi Diesel R10 (Cars numbered 1,2 & 3). In 2008 the British are represented in this class by 3 teams. Team Creation (No. 14) will be fighting for honours alongside Chamberlain-Synergy Motorsport (No.19) in their Lola. Perhaps favourite for highest placed British car will be the Pescarolo Judd of Rollcentre Racing (No. 18). All cars will have white headlights.

Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2): Another 3 British cars are to be represented in this lighter weight, smaller engine class, resembling their big brothers in LMP1. All cars will also have white headlights. Leading the way will hopefully be the RML team (No. 25) in their Lola MG. Competing with RML will be Team Bruichladdich (No.26) in their AER Radical, and the black coloured Zytek car from the Embassy team (No.45).

Le Mans Grand Touring 1 (LMGT1): Looking more like production cars and with yellow headlights, the LMGT1 class looks likely to be a straight shoot out between the British in their distinctive Aston Martin DBR9’s and the Corvettes of the French and American teams. Car Numbers 007 & 008 are being run again by Aston Martin Racing, whilst Team Modena is running a third Aston Martin in car number 59.

Le Mans Grand Touring 2 (LMGT2): The battle between Porsche and Ferrari continues to dominate the LMGT2 race. No less that 8 Ferrari F430 GT’s will go up against 3 Porsche 911 GT3’s in what has always been a close race. The one to watch from a British perspective will be Team Virgo Motorsport in car number 96; another red Ferrari! All LMGT2 cars will have yellow headlights.

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