Radio Le Mans

Radio Le Mans

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‘Imagine a load of people sitting around a table in a pub, talking about motorsport. Well, we’re the table everyone is sitting around.’ That’s broadcaster John Hindhaugh describing Radio Le Mans, the live radio commentary delivered by a merry band of Brits throughout the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

At Le Mans, English-speaking fans, members of the press, and even race teams tune in by phone, online and on their earpiece radios. Radio Le Mans is an annual institution, essential listening, keeping everyone informed – and amused – during the entire race week. For millions of others, Radio Le Mans is able to bring the race alive via the Internet, allowing people all over the world to be part of this legendary event.

From modest beginnings in 1987, the broadcast has grown in scope and importance, with essentially the same team coming back year after year. It’s a formula that has international overtones too. The ALMS has had some of the RLM team at every one of its events since the inaugaural running of the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in 1998, a service inspired by Radio Le Mans. US broadcaster Speed TV uses the Radio Le Mans broadcast to bolster its live Le Mans coverage and Motors TV takes the radio coverage provided for the ALMS.

They’re irreverent, informative, and above all, fun. Le Mans wouldn’t be the same without Radio Le Mans. You can listen now at

If you would like to listen live to Radio Le Mans while actually trackside at a race, take a look at the offers available via the Radio Le Mans Travel Club.

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