Stickers for Le Mans

Stickered up for Le Mans

Le Mans 24 hours is a unique event.  It is by far the biggest and possibly the most important motorsport event of the year and because of this there is a camaraderie between race-goers like no other.  If you’ve been before you will understand – it can’t be described – and for the majority it is the most exciting week of the year, with some people spending months planning their trip.

The motorsport forums all start buzzing once the official dates have been announced… “Which campsite are you staying on?”, “What crossing are you on?”, “What car are you taking?”, “Have you got your stickers?”….

….Stickers??? Surely stickers can’t be important? Well actually over the last few years they have become as important as your entrance ticket itself!  If you haven’t stickered up for Le Mans then you will be missing out on a huge part of the experience.  When you arrive at the ferry port you will be surrounded by thousands of cars all dressed for the event.  If you haven’t got yours you will feel severely underdressed…

From a small commemorative sticker to full race car graphics, Stickers4 has been the home of the Le Mans sticker since the craze began.  We have a wide range of off-the-shelf stickers available to buy online, or if you want something a little more unique we would be happy to work from your own designs or maybe even design something for you. There are even discounts available if you order early.

We should also point out that these are official Le Mans stickers.

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